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RC plane model V22 V-22 vertical take off and landing VTOL PNP KIT

RC plane model V22 V-22 vertical take off and landing VTOL PNP KIT

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Product description
Product description


Specifications for vertical take off and landing RC plane V22 VTOL PNP:

Wingspan: 826mm

Fuselage Length: 851mm

Weight: 1150g

3510 brushless outrunner motor for Nacelles  x 2;

50mm EDF with 2520 brushless outrunner motor X 1;

30A ESC x 2,  20A ESC X 1;

17g metal gear servos X 2, 9g servos X 3

propeller X 2




PNP means airframe with decals pasted on, propeller, motor installed, servos installed, ESC.

You need use your own rc, battery, charger.


Recommended parts but not included:

2.4Ghz 6ch RC X 1 (Click here)

4S 14.8V 2800mAh Lipo-battery X 1 (you can source it on other stores on Ali express)

balance charger X 1 (Click here)


KIT means airframe with decals, propeller, wheels only.

You need past the decal by yourself, use your own EDF, motor, servos, ESC, Flight controller, rc, battery, charger.


Package size: 102X31X28cm  4 kgs


  • 5 operable channels (aileron, elevator, throttle, rudder and forward flight actuation)
  • Professional high-precision stabilization board
  • 3-point propulsion system for stability
  • Simple and easy to assemble
  • Built with high-grade EPO foam
  • Reliable dual 17g metal-gear servo system for forward flight actuation
  • Detachable main wings for ease of transportation
  • Spacious battery compartment for a variety of battery options
  • Scale appearance
  • High-performance propulsion system
  • Stable forward flight transition



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V22 hongbai