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24V 10 Ah 6S5P 18650 Battery lithium battery 24 v Electric Bicycle moped /electric/lithium ion battery pack +25.4V 2A Charger

24V 10 Ah 6S5P 18650 Battery lithium battery 24 v Electric Bicycle moped /electric/lithium ion battery pack +25.4V 2A Charger

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Product description
Product description

Product Parameters

Battery Type: 18650

Single-cell voltage: 3.7V
Single battery capacity: 2000mAh 10C discharge power
Combination: string 5 and 6
Nominal voltage: 24V input voltage: 25.2V Output voltage: 16.5-25.2V
The combined capacity: 10000mAh (10Ah)
The battery pack size: 110 * 95 * 80mm (default size) 6 * 5
Overall weight: 1.5 Kg
External Packaging: Blue PVC

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Inside with protective circuit: overcharge, over discharge, over current, short circuit protection!
[Battery discharge requirements]:
1: Output 18 lines, length 150mm, red and black each one
2: Enter leads to a 2.1 socket line, length 150mm
3: Nominal discharge current: ≤10A
4: The maximum instantaneous current: 40A
5: Maximum operating current: 13A
Products are widely used []
Military, scientific research, exploration, medical instrumentation, video recording, digital communications, digital electronics, power lighting, radios and personal computers and other portable electronic devices and other power domains

Lithium battery maintenance and warnings
1. no need to ensure is done each time the electricity and then charge;
2. The period of time (recommendation within two months) to do a protection circuit for controlling the deep charge put under battery power to amend statistics, but it does not increase the actual capacity of your battery.
3. Long-term without the battery, should be placed in a cool place to weaken its own internal passive reaction speed of.
4. The protection circuit is also able to monitor the battery self-discharge, long-term without the battery should be charged a certain amount of power stored in the battery to prevent self-discharge of excessive lead to excessive discharge damage.
5. Do not disassemble modification, not by the collision of gravity / squeeze.
6. To prohibit the use of more water in wet places.
7. prohibit the use in high temperature areas.
Knowledge about the safe use of lithium batteries

Before we put lithium battery as a power source, there are many things that deserve our understanding. Nothing is more important than security, no matter what kind of battery that we should look at them carefully, because when they are full of energy when fully charged.
Lithium has the highest energy density, but they also have many unique features we need to do more for its special safety considerations, before starting to explore other aspects of lithium to understand these security issues are very important.
In general, if calculated correctly grasp lithium battery charger lithium battery constituent Cell Number (refers to a large section of lithium by a few small single lithium component), you can adapt the lithium-ion battery (Li-ion) and polymerization was lithium battery (Li-Poly) charging needs. Remember, do not come to the lithium battery charger for charging rechargeable nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) and nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH)! That is a very dangerous thing! ! ! Rechargeable lithium batteries use lithium is a part of the most dangerous, when the request for lithium rechargeable lithium rechargeable extreme attention to the case, the correct charging voltage is very important! If the charger is used improperly, may cause the lithium battery overcharge and cause an explosion! Several recent news reports of fires caused by lithium batteries, so a responsible attitude lithium battery charging operation.
Here are some guidelines for lithium battery charging and the use of:
1, using proven lithium charger can be used safely.
2. Make sure you have correctly set the parameters voltage or number of pieces of lithium battery charger above, if you do not know how to set, please buy one you know how to set the lithium battery charger, or It is not to use lithium battery, to avoid explosion while charging.
3, lithium when charging someone must be present, not in the presence of lithium when no one is charged, once it was for this reason that the house with the car to burn, and remember to remember.
4, while charging Please prepare a suitable platform to place your charger and lithium, lithium as to ensure that when an accident will not cause an explosion or serious damage and danger of fire. To reserve space fire, do fire prevention.
5. Do not be charged with exceeding the capacity of the battery current, otherwise explosion and fire is likely to occur.
6. If the expansion phenomenon occurs when charging lithium, when it in the heat, do not break it. The lithium battery on the salt water, after cooling, carefully peel off the skin and then the battery pack back into the brine before it can be safely put in question in lithium trash.
7, when the lithium severely hit, perhaps the battery does not seem damaged, but still be careful to put lithium batteries in a safe place to stand for at least 20 minutes to ensure that no damage lithium really no danger of explosion. In the aircraft sector model, there are several examples in the fires of lithium-powered aircraft crashes occur, the owner of the aircraft body thrown in the car, and then the explosion seemed to have no damage to the interior have been damaged but the actual occurrence of lithium in the car The entire light cars are burned.
8 Recharge lithium in an open airy place, because if true rupture with the lithium battery explosion, the risk of harmful fumes and substances will leak out of the battery.