Ovonic RC battery repair, how to maintain the RC battery?
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Prepare equipment, power supply, B6 charger, cable, and RC lithium battery.

Plug the B6 charger into the cable and turn it on. Then connect the battery, first insert the balance head, then connect the T plug. After connecting, press the left and right option keys to make the interface go to the "LiBobatt" interface, as shown below, press Enter to enter. After entering the charging function of the lithium battery, there are several options for fast punching and balancing. I am used to choosing a balance. Use the arrow keys to select the balance mode, as shown in the figure below “libobalance”.

The arrow keys and the enter key adjust the parameters, the enter key selects the parameters, and the direction keys adjust the height. Here adjust the current to 2,.1, adjust to 3S, long press the enter button for 3 seconds, then press enter to confirm the charge.

The lithium battery of the electric vehicle and the lithium battery of the model airplane are not one thing. The batteries are different, the chemical composition is different, and the maximum current of charging and discharging is different and cannot be compared. If the lithium battery of the model is charged in series, it is easy to over-current, and the characteristics between the multiple cells may not be completely consistent. The series charging will cause the voltage of each cell to be unbalanced or even charged. The principle of balanced charging is very simple. For example, the battery of 3S is composed of three 3.7V batteries connected in series. After fully charged, each battery is 4.2V, and the whole is about 13V. The balanced charging will convert AC power and rectify to obtain 13V DC. Three electrolytic capacitors and voltage equalizing resistors are divided into 13V, and each capacitor is 4.33V. Then, using a triode as a simple closed-loop circuit, the charging switch and current can be controlled, so that three batteries can be used. Independently charged.


The so-called balanced charging is the charging of the characteristics of the balanced battery. It means that during the use of the battery, the battery terminal voltage is unbalanced due to individual differences in the battery, temperature differences, etc., in order to avoid the deterioration of the imbalance trend, it is necessary to increase the battery. The charging voltage of the group is activated and charged. Mainly called the battery life is longer, the actual electric vehicle is the balanced charging voltage 48v and the charging voltage is 60v charging, the last is floating charge, to buy a special lithium battery charger, if you use 2S, 3S, 4S. ..... then you need to balance the charge, just charge one piece, then it will be enough. After buying the charger, there will be instructions.


If you do not buy a charger, you can also use the mobile phone charger to charge, you need to solder a battery head, rush one by one, pay attention to the charging time can not be too long, the mobile phone charger output voltage is 5V, greater than the battery saturation voltage 4.2V, Otherwise, it is easy to damage the battery. The lowest voltage of the alarm is set to 3.3V. If it is low, it will be over-discharged. If the battery is fully charged, the power can be cut off. Lithium batteries are not like nickel-metal hydride batteries, they can't be put out of power, and they can be used as needed. Generally, the 4000 mAh lithium battery is fully charged with a balanced charge for about 6 or 7 hours, and the balance is filled with indicator lights. The large-capacity battery recommends that you use the B6 charger, the charging speed is fast, you can set the charging voltage, and it can be repaired after the over-discharge. Try not to over-discharge, sometimes the repair fluid is gone.

After we get a lithium battery, don't rush to charge it. This is blind. Before using this, be sure to read the battery specifications carefully. The charging current, voltage and charging temperature should not exceed the standards written in the specification. So what can happen if the standard written on the specification is exceeded?

1. Using more than the recommended current charging may cause problems with the battery's charge and discharge performance, mechanical properties and safety performance, and may cause heat or leakage, which will greatly reduce battery life.

2. The charging voltage is higher than the recommended voltage, which may cause the battery to be overcharged. Generally, it is caused by the user's wrong charging method (such as DC charging). The figure shows the most serious consequences of using DC overcharging.

3. Charging temperature, first of all, the charging temperature here refers not to the temperature generated during battery charging, but the ambient temperature during battery charging. When the battery surface temperature is found to be abnormal, the charging should be terminated immediately.